Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel!




Want to incorporate a little of the old in with your next renovation? What better way then to re-purpose your antique furniture! Rebecca Gross, a writer for Houzz, gives several ideas about how you can reuse your old furniture. So have a look and get inspired for your next renovation project!





Find fresh inspiration from 13 unconventional bathroom vanities that are as functional as the real deal



A bathroom vanity needn’t be straight out of the shop or supplied by a manufacturer or cabinetmaker. Indeed, thinking outside the square can turn up a one-of-a-kind vanity with character and function to boot. Sideboards, desks and cabinets — whether new or used — can all be repurposed to provide storage and surface space. Here are 13 pieces of furniture that have been cleaned up and repurposed as stylish bathroom vanities.