• Is Artisans licensed and insured?  Yes!  We carry our Georgia General Contractors License (RLCO000478) for Residential and Light Commercial, Worker’s Compensation, General Liability and Cobb County Business License.


  • Does Artisans use subcontractors for all the work?  No, we have several full time employees that do most of the hands on labor and we supplement with other licensed subs for electrical, plumbing, HVAC and some other trades.


  • How do you provide a “better” renovation experience?  Our first answer is respect.  At the beginning of a project we take a lot of time to prepare the space by putting up dust protection, floor protection, yard protection etc.  Our goal is to be guests of your home, not take it over.  We cover HVAC vents so you don’t have a house full of dust and we clean after each day.  Yes, our guys carry dust mops in their trucks!  We are sensitive to security, parking, dumpsters, access for your family during renovation and pets.  We sometimes even build temporary kitchen areas during a full kitchen remodel so you don’t have to wash dishes in the tub…..   Our focus is respect, quality and service.


  • How long does a kitchen or bathroom remodel take?  Well…..that’s somewhat of a loaded question.  It really does depend on the scale of the project and the size of the space.  For a very small kitchen about 2-3 weeks, mid size about 4 weeks and a large full scale about 5-6 weeks.  Bathrooms tend to be quicker.


  • Do I have to move out of the house during construction?  Yes and no.  If you hire us to take off your roof and add a 2nd story it would be a wise move to move out.  The same would apply to a whole house renovation.  For most everything else our clients are able to live and function in the house during the process.  In some cases however moving out can allow the project to run quicker and cost less.


  • Will there be a dumpster in front of my house for months?  NO!  We use a demo trailer for almost all of our debris and trash.  It is pulled behind our trucks and fits nicely in the driveway.  It can be hauled off each day if needed or stay for the duration.


  • Will workers be using my family facilities?  We always assume a portable toilet is in order unless given permission to use a bathroom in the house.